Bliss Psychiatry: Mental Health Solutions in Louisville

Your Personal Portal


is your online health portal

(and my EHR/Electronic Health Record system)

Bliss Psychiatry: Mental Health Solutions in Louisville

How Does Osmind  Help Support Your Care?

  • It’s a secure way for us to communicate – more secure than email, and I’m the only one who sees your messages. The platform is HIPAA-compliant, protected by end-to-end encryption.
  • Provides you access to my calendar to schedule visits (as of 2/11/24, this capability is on pause as I work to streamline my schedule)
  • Provides appointment reminders upon scheduling a visit, and 1-2 days before your scheduled visit.

Question: Do you have to download the Osmind app on your phone or tablet? 

NO – you don’t. But you will need to at least use the online/desktop version of Osmind for new client paperwork and for messaging me. I’m a solo practitioner with 1 part-time support staff. This streamlines communication and lessens paperwork for both of us.

Getting Started as a New Client

After we’ve had our Discovery Call (click here to request one) and decided to move forward with an New Client visit, I will create your portal account. 

You’ll get a text message that looks like this:

Sample of welcome text message

You’ll also get a few emails. Expect your inbox to look something like this:

Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 10.33.00 AM

Once you have completed all your intake forms and uploaded a payment method (which is stored with Stripe, not with me), we can schedule your intake visit. These forms cover your physical and mental health history and help me understand more about your potential needs. Please be thorough in filling them out.

I do not schedule appointments until all intake forms have been completed.

One email will direct you to Dropbox Sign – you do not need to have a Dropbox account and you do not need any special technology to digitally sign your paperwork.  Please read through everything you sign and make sure you understand and are in full agreement before signing – these are not only legal documents, but are detailed explanations of how I manage my practice and care for you as a client. 

(Thank you for your patience with the paperwork. I hate it, too. I’ve made this as streamlined as possible and keep working to refine it.)

If you can’t find these emails, please check your spam folder. The sender for two of the emails (Osmind Support and Bliss Progressive P.) is The ones labeled as Amanda Bliss are sent from If you require assistance, please email

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