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Please go to Pricing for detailed information. Please note: Components of your individualized care may have different pricing than those listed on my website. (This is relatively rare and will be discussed and agreed-upon in writing between you and I before a different charge is applied.)

Let’s make sure we’re a good fit. Please click on the link below (or the button at the top of my website) to Request a Discovery Call. This is the best way to initiate contact with me.

→  Request a Discovery Call

If you are or believe you are experiencing a medical emergency or psychiatric emergency, including suicidal or homicidal thinking, side effects to medication, or any other urgent or time-sensitive matter, do not use this service. Instead, call 911 or go to your closest emergency room. For suicide support you can also call the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988 on your phone.

A 15-Minute Discovery call is a free introductory call during which we determine if we will be a therapeutic match. I invite you to please bring questions that will help to clarify whether my approach to mental health aligns with your goals. (Please click on ‘How Do We Get Started?’ above for contact information.) 

  1. If we decide to move forward after our Discovery Call, you will prompted via text and email to create an account in Osmind’s patient portal. You will also be able to download their app for your smartphone if you wish. 
  2. You’ll get 2 or 3 emails (depending on the care I’m providing for you) – these link to the following:
    • Osmind Intake Forms – Your medical and mental health history, as well as which medications you have tried in the past. You will be asked to:
      • Complete mood and behavior questionnaires,
      • Upload a payment method – this can be a debit or credit card, an FSA or an HSA card. (All payments are processed through Stripe. I will not have access to your payment information after you enter it.)
      • Upload your insurance information. No, I do not accept insurance, but if I send you for bloodwork or other testing, this  information can be used by the outside lab to bill your insurance.
    • My practice intake forms: these require your digital signature and come from “Amanda Bliss” (that’s me) but are automatically processed in Dropbox Sign.
      • The email includes my Fee Agreement/Good Faith Estimate – this is required by federal law of mental health providers. 
      • You will also be asked to review and sign my practice policies, privacy policy, HIPAA/Release of Information Forms, and Consent to Treat. Please read all these forms thoroughly before signing them. They outline how I run my practice and manage patient care – make sure you are comfortable with my policies before signing.
  3. Once you have completed ALL the intake forms, we can schedule an appointment. If I see you are missing forms or portions of them, I’ll send you an email with what’s been missed. 

After completing the online request, having our 15-Minute Discovery Call, at deciding to move forward with treatment, your initial visit is scheduled for 90 minutes, though not all intakes take this long. This is considered a psychiatric assessment of your previous health history (physical and mental), as well as what currently concerns bring you in for care. 

This visit is further time for us to explore whether we are a good therapeutic match, so you’ll be asking questions of me as well. This is your healthcare – it’s important you feel free to ask questions that help you gauge whether my treatment approach aligns with your needs and goals.

I request 48 hours’ (two full business days) notice for cancellations. (For example, Monday appointments must be cancelled by the previous Thursday.) Cancellations made prior to this window are rescheduled with no penalty. The full charge for a visit will be applied to the card on file for no-shows or cancellations made within 48 hours of the start of the session.

Occasionally, follow-up appointments can be changed to telehealth to avoid cancellation. However, advanced notice is required. Please contact me within your Osmind portal if you need to switch to a telehealth appointment.

The most efficient means of communication is through your Osmind portal and/or app, which you will set up during your new patient intake process. 

The Osmind Portal and app are HIPAA-compliant platforms that allow us to communicate securely about your care. I have HIPAA compliant end-to-end encrypted email for my practice, but that does not mean emails you send to me are 100% secure. Be mindful of this with email communication. Please send all  text messages through the secure message patient portal.

Simple questions (clarification on medication dosing, for example) will be addressed within your portal. If you question or concern warrants a visit, I will give you the option of coming in or conducting a visit by phone or video. 

I am out-of-network with all insurance companies, both private and government-funded. Clients whose insurance plans allow for out-of-network reimbursement and who would like to access this benefit pay the full fee of their and then are given a ‘superbill’ – a medical invoice for reimbursement at out-of-network rates.

You are still able to use FSA, HSA, or HRA funds for your care with me. 

I value your privacy above all else. When you pay for my services, I can assure your complete confidentiality and privacy. If you choose to find a prescriber or therapist on your insurance plan and pay your co-payment, your insurance company then has the right to view your records at any time.

Our discussions, patient portal communications, and your care are private and confidential. To increase privacy, please communicate with me through your Osmind portal/ the Osmind app.

Prior to your new patient intake, you’ll be provided with the privacy policy and be given the opportunity to sign it. The document will be provided to you at that time, and will also be available to you upon request. 

You may use a release of information (ROI) form if you’d like your records sent or shared with other providers or entities. 

I am an obligated reporter and must disclose personal information in the following cases: 

  • you present with a serious danger to yourself or others
  • cases of abuse or neglect
  • if I am court-ordered on your behalf
  • an insurance company requests information for reimbursement.

Links provided for telemedicine will work on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. I primarily use Zoom, as it is HIPAA compliant and is integrated with my EHR, Osmind. Prior to your initial new patient visit, you will be provided with the Telemedicine Policy and given the opportunity to sign it. The document will also be provided to you at that time and available in the future at your request. 

During telemedicine visits, the following is required:

  • You must not be driving.
  • You must have a safe, secure, quiet, and private environment. 
  • You must have sufficient lighting so I can see your face.
  • You must be sober and clothed.

Once we have established a therapeutic relationship and I have gotten to know you, I will assist with FMLA forms, short term disability forms, and long term disability forms for an additional fee (please see Pricing for further details). 

My professional and personal liability insurance do not allow me to write ESA (Emotional Support Animal) letters. 

I will not complete any paperwork for newly established clients, as I simply do not know enough about you, your needs, or your limitations until we have had a few visits.

I see clients age 16 years and up. 

What are all those letters after my name? It can look like alphabet soup, even to others in healthcare professions: MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC

I am a Masters-prepared (MSN) board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC). I am also board-certified as a family nurse practitioner (FNP-BC). APRN = Advanced Practice Registered Nurse – in Kentucky, it is the agreed-upon professional designation of nurse practitioners and other nurses with advanced clinical training.

I’m currently licensed in the state of Kentucky. I have previously held licenses and practiced in Georgia, Ohio, and Texas.

I am licensed in Kentucky. My physical office is located in St. Matthews, in Louisville, KY. 

I do offer telehealth visits for your convenience, but I also value the opportunity to welcome you into my office and to hold a therapeutic space for you. With limited exception, I require that our first visit (after our Discovery Call) be held in-person, rather than via telehealth. 

While we’re right across the river from Indiana, I believe the bureaucracy of the licensing procedure and the associated oversight requirements in the state of Indiana place an undue burden on nurse practitioners. As such, I require that my clients who are Indiana residents either be seen in-person or that they verify they are physically located in the state of Kentucky for their telehealth visit. If a client who is a Kentucky resident is “temporarily out-of-state,” I am legally allowed to see them via telehealth while they are out of state. (The above is reflective of Kentucky state law KRS 211.336 and HB 188.)

Bliss Psychiatry: Mental Health Solutions in Louisville
Bliss Psychiatry: Mental Health Solutions in Louisville
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